Our Production

Our Production

We care about our planet as much as we do the people who live on it, so our clothes are made according to Switzerland’s highest sustainability and ethical standards. Read on to find out what your clothes are made of.


Material: Organic Cotton

Produced with the environment in mind, your clothes are made with organic cotton and dyed with fabric dyed that meet the standards of Oeko-Standard 1000.

The story behind the cotton

The certified organic cotton is grown in India under supervision from a Swiss foundation that uses environmentally friendly process and ensure the farmers receive a fair wage. The yarn is knitted in Switzerland.


Ethically produced in Switzerland

We work with a local Swiss manufacturer with sustainability at its heart. The factory runs on hydropower for both the manufacturing process and heating, making the process of clothing production carbon-free.


Every piece of clothing comes with a unique code that allows you to follow its production journey every step of the way.